17/02/2022 Awards

Winner of the LIT Awards in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

The Hong Kong Bankers Club is a unique members club, which bring together professionals from all concerns of the city’s financial community. The interior design of the Club exudes a modern, vibrant and luxurious aesthetic with details that combine to make it supremely comfortable and sociable. The arrival “Tunnel”, featured with astonishing burgundy deep red, elegantly lit with fine detail, welcomes the members, giving experience to escape from the noise of the city and their daily stressful life. The Club offers different types of dine destinations such as Chinese Restaurant, International Dining, Bar, Private Dining, etc. Our strategy of lighting design is to create absolute special feeling while the members enjoy relaxing, dinning, connecting, and collaborating. Art Collections and Photographs from the Club are well highlighted to tell story of the city and the Club.

Awards: LIT Design Awards 2021

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